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Why Sai Tour & Travels is Perfect Choice For Long Distance Tours?

Long distance travel is unlike the one day or short vacation trips that can be made quickly and you would set there and then. They have to be planned well in advance and with factors in count like the travel service provider, planning an itinerary, the number of people, budget etc. The long distance travel has to be thoughtfully planned and this is where we, Sai Tour & Travels turn to be your travel buddy and plan an awesome holiday for you and your family and friends.

Factors to consider while choosing the perfect tours and travel service Provider for a long distance travel

  • Proven track record

It is very important that you do a background check of the service provider before pulling them on board. Talk to people who have used the services, look for reviews on the various online forums etc. this will give you a basic understanding of the working style of the travel service provider.

  • Extensive fleet of vehicles

Nobody would appreciate a creepy seating where the vehicle could not accommodate the people. It is therefore, important that you enquire about the fleet of vehicles. From SUVs, Hatchback, luxury sedan, tempo Traveller etc – you could choose them as per your budget and requirement.

  • Standard and customized packages with facility to book with or without hotel

Yes, this is very important. Sometimes, some service providers insist on booking the standard package and their hotel only. This should not be accepted. As a customer, you have every right to design your travel and the service provider should oblige by offering the best prices with no compromise on the comfort and security of the people.

  • Convenient pick up and drop point facility

Long distance travels are usually planned ahead of time and so everything is in order. But there might be last minute changes to which the service provider should always oblige too. check with your service operator regarding the same.

  • Transparent billing; no hidden charges

All the charges should be told upfront in order to avoid any inconvenience to the customer. When you know about the charges, you can plan your travel in a better way. If there are any state or centre toll taxes that have not been included in the list, should be told upfront. The customer should however, be ready for slight up and down on the charges.

  • Customer safety and comfort ensured

Customer’s comfort and security is supreme. The taxi one is booking should have comfortable seating and be hygienically maintained. These days, many vehicles also come with GPRS facility that helps your loved one track you. This might levy extra charges but it is worth every penny.

  • Experienced and licensed drivers

The drivers are going to drive us through the destination, so they should be experienced and well learned holding valid driving licenses. They shoulder the responsibility of helping the customers reaching safely to the destination. Some companies also do a background check, enquire the same with your service provider.

  • Regularly serviced vehicles

The vehicles should be regularly serviced in order to avoid any incidents of breakdown midway the route. Check for the service record of the vehicle if possible with the travel service provider.

Sai Tour & Travels is a name to reckon with quality, comfort and safety when it comes to travelling to the near or the extreme destinations with your loved ones. Check out our website for latest tour packages and the offers.